♥ Friday, February 15, 2008♥

I also don't understand why I'm posting in
a middle of the night ..!
Oh,,think I'm getting crazy!

Anyway, don't mistake the picture over there as Narnia ..Lols..

Well well..It's my primary school in Korea.
My mom took it when she went back to Korea for a week ALONE !! (So angry abt it ! Phew! )

I bet noone have heard about my school before..
haha Yangjun Primary School ! heehee what a funny name it is ...

ahhhhmmmm...Finally this made me sleepy..
Oh then...wish you a good night and I c u later!

Love you guys! ☆★


♥ Tuesday, February 12, 2008♥

I can't believe today is wednesday..already!
Well.. I'm waiting for a weekend to come!
Do you know how busy i am??

At least, I'm not busy today.
How lucky~ :D

OH yeah,, I got CHOIR..
Uh-oh.. nononononono CHEER UP , somin ( Oh, what am I doing??haha)
It may ends at 4 : 30 if u r really really lucky ~
n u like ur cca what.....^^ Don't u??

Yeah Yeah u r right, somin!
3 days to go for weekend ~ everybody :)